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Empowering you to be at your best for greater social impact through Strengths-based coaching solutions.

My name is Travis Guse and my passion is to empower individuals and organizations to be the best for the world in order to affect positive social change.  Are you a person seeking to start a new social enterprise to make a difference in your community?  Are you an organization focused on a mission beyond the bottom line in order to uplift the lives of others?  Are you a non-profit seeking to engage others to make a greater impact in your neighborhood and the world?  If the answer to these questions is yes, then I'm the coach for you!

Numerous individuals, social entrepreneurs, non-profits, educational institutions, governmental agencies and religious organizations have begun to more effectively live out their mission and vision of being a difference in the world today as a result of having worked with me.  I do so by offering Strengths-based coaching solutions through executive coaching, leadership development, team building, employee engagement, volunteer empowerment, coach training, visioning and strategic planning.  

Do you want to discover the best of who you are and how you can leverage those Strengths to make a difference beyond yourself in order to make the world a better place?   If so I would enjoy the opportunity to work with you and your organization.





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3927 Thorngate Dr.

Williamsburg, VA 23188


Tel: 208-680-4928

Email: strengthssolutions@gmail.com

For more information also check out my profile along with client ratings and reviews at https://www.soar.com/StrengthsSolutions.

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